1 at work
2 street
3 in my studio
4 walking to elementary school in third grade
5 standing at the register of the coffee shop I worked for
6 at my home
7 walking down the street
8 in a car
9 school
10 locking my bike in front of my house
11 in my house (unless a partner doesn’t count)
12 street from a scary truck driver
13 walking home from middle school
14 in my home at my parent’s party
15 at work in front of coworkers
16 pinned against a building in NYC
17 running on college campus
18 gynecologist’s office from a female gynecologist
19 at work
20 university faculty club
21 walking to school
22 most frequently, WalMart
23 working in theater film & tv bookstore on Hollywood Blvd
24 at 9 on a cruise by the senior engineer
25 at work
26 riding a motorcycle
27 on the street
28 at a party
29 at home
30 at someone else’s house
31 in a movie theater
32 at a nightclub
33 on the bus
34 walking alongside the road
35 on my way to school
36 on the tube
37 at a party
38 in the park
39 in a pub
40 whilst shopping
41 at work
42 subway in NYC numerous times groping
43 at work in book publishing
44 at work in newspaper lost my job because I wouldn’t go out to dinner with boss
45 on the street silly cat calls and very vulgar suggestions
46 in a park guy jerking off while we girls ages 12 and 13 were having a picnic
47 on the street in the city midday lots of traffic
48 at a ren fair by booth people
49 university in my car
50 18 years old in main train station in Frankfurt
51 walking home from elementary school
52 while I was discussing a commissioned painting at the customers house he closed the blinds and started touching me
53 I asked to borrow a sweatshirt and then I was raped
54 at home
55 in a car
56 in a friend’s house
57 in a hotel
58 on a beach alone but with space from others nearby terrified yelled in panic ran to a headland and wept for hours
59 oncologists examining table… so shocked I couldn’t move or speak
60 middle school
61 university
62 in my bed at my grandma’s house when I was 9
63 at my schoolmate’s house
64 in an outside swimming pool
65 on the street in Prague as well as seriously being assaulted on the street in Morocco
66 grocery store
67 public shower
68 workplace
69 bus
70 in a barn
71 on a bridge
72 in a public garden
73 in my mother’s house back in Chile
74 in my neighbourhood
75 in an aunty’s house
76 at the bus
77 pediatrician’s office with a cold, unlubed speculum
78 school Latin classroom
79 on the streets of Guatemala
80 in my house in Guatemala
81 in the Vienna subway system
82 on the streets of New York
83 in the receiving area of Whole Foods
84 out of myself for four weeks because of beeing so shocked
85 Silicon Valley
86 field days
87 in my grandmother’s house
88 in a cab
89 on the el in Chicago
90 at a department store
91 at work
92 on my way to the video store
93 at the city library
94 on the underground
95 on holiday on a crazy golf course
96 walking down my street
97 at work
98 insurance company
99 subway
100 in my crib as a baby
101 in a relatives kitchen
102 in an abandoned garage
103 in a truck
104 in a restaurant
105 at a governor’s mansion
106 in a commercial kitchen
107 at school
108 at work
109 on a massage table
110 on a city street
111 at home
112 at a neighbors home
113 at a wine tasting
114 in a bar
115 on a date
116 in an elevator
117 while sketching at the Coliseum in Rome
118 riding a vaporetto in Venice
119 at work
120 walking down the street in NYC
121 sitting in a train station in Florence
122 passed out drunk in my mother’s bedroom after a party
123 school (12)
124 hotel (12)
125 home (13)
126 jogging (16)
127 street (20)
128 work (20)
129 home (23)
130 at home when I was age 10-15
131 at the restaurant I worked at in my 20s
132 at work in high school
133 at work in college
134 at work after college
135 dorm/party in college
136 algebra class
137 bar
138 street
139 my dining room
140 the gym
141 streets of Istanbul
142 every fucking place I’ve ever been
143 forgot old man fingering my nipple while I was drawing in the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul
144 at a family reunion in a state park
145 in a lift when a delivery man said I could easily stop this between floors and rape you
146 in the women’s toilets (by a man about twice my size)
147 on the sidewalk in front of my childhood house
148 in my university’s library
149 everywhere
150 at band camp at 14
151 a college party
152 a store
153 my parents’ house
154 on a train when I was 10
155 Hebrew school
156 on the street in New York
157 in a parking lot in Pittsfield, MA
158 on the subway in NY
159 in a class at Pratt
160 on Richland Avenue walking home from middle school
161 in our family room at home
162 in my apartment
163 anonymous phone calls when I was 7
164 when I was riding in a semi-truck (and when I refused to do the act, I was left, terrified, at the side of a deserted highway in the rain)
165 on a train in London, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 – then I moved to San Francisco
166 in the hospital after surgery 25 years old
167 in the hospital before surgery by anesthesiologist 40 years old
168 many times in between
169 half strangled in Central Park late night when I was 21 as he’d bought me dinner and had taken me to show – first date and I wouldn’t go back to his place. Ran into 5th ave. Never reported – he kept calling where I worked for a second date
170 R train New York he sat across from me and masturbated no one did anything
171 gallery office room at my university New York
172 photographer’s studio New York
173 on the street New York
174 car New York
175 artist studio Korea
176 mother’s friend’s house Korea
177 cafe Korea
178 by my piano teacher
179 on the street while kids were in a restaurant upstairs
180 on a beach
181 at a university
182 at the Seattle City Attorney’s office
183 and so many more
184 1991, Meadows Printing, Bellefontaine, Ohio
185 yes, Northern Ireland
186 at a shopping mall
187 walking down a small alley in NYC
188 on the Paris metro a man grabbed my breast before he got off and then laughed at my reaction as the door closed and the train pulled away
189 the paris metros are the worst I was a student there in ’67 and had many
incidents of ‘anonymous’ grabbing and touching, both in the cars and on the platform
190 at a nightclub, man grabbed my behind and winked like yup I just did this Worst part of it he was my daughter’s friend and his wife was in the bathroom while this happened
191 in college by faculty
192 as I was sitting in my isolated work cubicle a soon-to-be-former boss stood in front of me and asked me to “check” his “jeans size” while his partner (wife) had slipped out for awhile Above my objections he opened his belt and began to unzip… I quickly stood up and said no, and was lucky to find another job shortly thereafter
193 on my uncle’s lap
194 on the subway line
195 in the woods
196 and in a hotel disgusting moments around disgusting men
197 commercial airline flight
198 during recess in sixth grade trapped in an empty classroom by an older boy
199 in a movie theater in Saigon
200 on a plane flight from Saigon to LA
201 at a party in a college dorm
202 on the street in NYC
203 on the street in Florence
204 on the street in Istanbul
205 on the street in Paris
206 on the street in Mexico City
207 almost raped in Ravenna but managed to get away
208 in science class
209 school (age 12)
210 at my first job by my female boss’s father
211 while 8 months pregnant, on my knees weeding in my front flower bed
212 while standing in a crowd of thousands watching a fireworks display, I was crotch groped from behind anonymously
213 whenever I walk down the street in Egypt (visual and verbal harassment)
214 sleepover age 11
215 school bus age 11
216 sidewalks age 11-13
217 best friend’s house age 10
218 his house (21)
219 at the beach
220 at the hotel
221 in the car
222 in my bed
223 when I was 2 at my cousin’s house (the memory comes back in meditation)
224 when I was 8 at the supermarket
225 when I was 14 by my boyfriend
226 when I was 19 at the doctor’s office
227 again when I was 21 at another doctor’s office
228 on a crowded bus in Vancouver
229 and in Turkey when I was 14, in a cafe
230 at work
231 an older, established artist grabbed me and kissed me on the lips I was one of the gallery owners
232 when I was 6 in the pool in my backyard
233 at the stairs going up to my friend’s house by my “friend”
234 at work
235 walking on the street
236 also by my boyfriend but I block that one out
237 I was harassed in the woman’s bathroom because I am transgender they called me tranny and kicked me
238 in a bedroom aged 8
239 at school on a playing field aged 12
240 by an uncle when semi-asleep aged 13
241 in central London aged 18
242 at school everyday in corners
243 pushed against walls at a party
244 afraid all the time still afraid
245 I was freelancing and the deputy manager of the company has recorded me on his mobile which he put through a hole in a wall I was in a toilet and he recorded me from behind whilst I was urinating
246 in a tent in the Lake District I locked myself in our car and froze all night as my then husband wouldn’t give me a blanket or sleeping bag unless…
247 walking home from a shopping mall in Queens NY a guy came past on a bike and just put his hand right up my skirt between my legs and groped he was gone before I could react
248 where to start?? in the street as a little girl was the earliest
249 the first time? walking down the hall at school in 7th grade
250 in the driving instructor’s car while I was driving
251 I was harassed at school
252 I have been sexually harassed since I was in middle school
253 I have also been harassed on busy streets
254 last year at my hotel where I reported the incidents and the man was never fired
255 sexually harassed at work repeatedly
256 junior high
257 high school
258 the schoolbus
259 at work
260 at a concert
261 at my friend’s house
262 at the beach
263 on a sidewalk
264 at home
265 highway rest stop
266 for years at work by a gay man
267 wearing a tank top in Berkeley guy made lewd comments about my breasts
268 on city streets (catcalled countless times)
269 by a different boss at a different NY company from the previous one (this one meant it as a “joke,” but he told it in front of two additional superiors)
270 by a different boss at an arts organization in Hartford
271 on a college campus
272 at parties
273 on a date when I was 16 and my date, who was 19, gave me the Donald Trump treatment without my consent (and I wouldn’t have given it to him!)
274 over the phone when I was a child
275 church
276 my street
277 babysitting
278 Durham NC summer band camp age 14
279 at home
280 on the couch in his bedroom
281 the first time, at 10, walking to my parents car…
282 Walmart age 15
283 Walgreens age 15
284 middle school algebra classroom
285 high school hallways freshman year
286 the mall
287 my sick bed
288 chiropractor office by the dr
289 on a main street (attempted rape)
290 at work
291 on the street in Istanbul
292 standing on a corner in Florence a guy on a motorcycle ran a hand over my breasts
293 as an adult walking down the sidewalk in Algiers with my husband by a group of boys about eight or nine years old who grabbed my breasts
294 on the beach
295 Seattle at a bus stop
296 high school halls
297 in my grandfathers house
298 in my childhood home
299 in the US Coast Guard
300 at every job I have ever had
301 in my own home
302 in the library #metoo
303 at my coworker’s birthday party
304 Red Roof Inn
305 in an alley in Georgia
306 in a car
307 during a game of Uno
308 in a pool at a party
309 in the restroom at a party
310 outside of Lennox Mall in Atlanta
311 harassed in the car by my good Christian math teacher who had offered me a lift home. I had just turned 14.
312 in Morocco
313 in an anbandoned semi truck behind a grocery store
314 on the Metro in Paris
315 Baltimore Diner in Sheffield UK 1987 I was 17 and a waitress. Aware it was harassment (from drunken male customer) reported it to duty manager who told me “You’re a waitress on a Saturday late, deal with it. I ended up slapping the harasser and leaving my job.
316 at a new year’s party in my friend’s apartment in Ohio. I was 20 at the time
317 in an entertainment workplace
318 a smack on the butt
319 someone followed me into my house and raped me
320 in my room
321 in a school bus when I was 13
322 in my car while I was driving
323 at a therapist’s office grade 1 (therapist)
324 in a classroom grade 3 (2 classmates)
325 in my apartment age 21 (ex-boyfriend)
326 in a house age 21 (acquaintance)
327 in a converted shed cabin age 22 (friend’s friend)
328 outside a club on a cold night age 26 (stranger)
329 in a hotel room age 30 (acquaintance)
330 on a school trip in a hotel room, alone with him (I was 15)
331 work by an employee, healthcare professional female
332 nightclub asked me repeatedly if he can lift me up and carry me I said repeatedly No. My friend encouraged this pig after I said No again and that I didn’t want to. This pig said that it didn’t matter and abruptly grabbed me and carried me and demanded to take pictures. Before he put me slowly down he put his disgusting hands on my butt
333 crossing the street to get to a bus stop in Victoria BC (catcalling)– age 11
334 walking in an outdoor mall (catcalling with detailed description of what he wanted, words that I didn’t understand at all at the time, but knew were dirty)– age 11 or 12
335 walking home from school with friends (propositioned and “offered” a ride in a convertible with the understanding that my friends were not invited)– age 13
336 in an empty schoolyard (forced to give oral sex by an older boy)–age 14
337 waiting in line outside a concert venue (forcibly kissed by a stranger)–age 14
338 at the house of a child I was babysitting, by the father (manipulated into accepting a “massage” that turned into digital penetration. The second time this happened (same man)I physically fought back.)– age 14 (I never babysat for anyone except family or friends again)
339 on public transit in Vancouver BC, too many times to recall here, especially between the ages of 14 and 18. The ones I particularly remember are when a stranger who was sitting beside me tried to touch me and I was finally brave enough to speak up loudly and say “get your hands off of me!”, around age 16, and once when I was standing on a crowded bus and an elderly man pretended to lose his balance as he was heading to the exit and firmly grabbed my ass on his way out, age about 17.
340 walking home from the bus stop after school. (catcalling with detailed description of the man’s desires– he slowed down his car to match my pace for quite a stretch) age 15
341 waiting at a crowded bus stop outside a popular movie theater on Granville Street in Vancouver BC with 2 of my friends. We were 15, there were plenty of on-lookers, nobody intervened even as this man pulled out a knife and started waving it in front of our faces calling me a bitch and a cunt because I dared to tell him to “get away from us” after he repeatedly and aggressively offered to show us his “junk”, told us he was a stripper and was wearing a thong, etc.
342 on streets in Vancouver too many times to count. I have learned to ignore catcalling, but when I was a child it deeply affected me (which is why I listed the ones I did above)
343 in my own bed, by a man that I love, during or after an argument, or while I was asleep, more times than I would like to admit — age adult
344 a friend literally pried my legs apart when I went to his house to study
345 a man grabbed my butt multiple times on a bus in Florence, then followed me when I got off to tell me I had “beautiful lines”
346 my phone was full of unsolicited dick pics until I deleted the dating app
347 a man trapped me in his car after a date and only kissed me harder when I said I had to go home
348 when I was in middle school a stranger called me while he was masturbating
349 in the classroom
350 on the sidewalk outside my house
351 in my high school library
352 the halls Washington Middle School Seattle WA
353 in the workplace when my manager contrived a way to list me on the patent that diminished the appearance of my contribution. All four of the male founders were there to witness.
354 in my therapist’s office-in his office at the church where he was the priest when he asked me questions about my sexuality and I realized he was getting off
355 in my living room when the dashing young city councilman who told me if I didn’t agree to sex he would beat me and that it might upset or frighten my young children sleeping in the next room
356 in my garden after I tied my tubes and my current date, upset at my choice, poked me in my incision and asked does ‘that’ hurt
357 by the man who tugged at his waistline and licked his lips when he looked at me
358 in my marital bed when I reached out to embrace him and he shoved my face into the pillow
359 at the bus stop when two men tried to push me into their car as I waited for a bus
360 by the wealthy man who took me to dinner and then to a woman’s home where he pointedly asked if she thought I would do
361 by the blonde woman in Mexico who pawed at my genitals through my dress on the dance floor
362 in his car as the boyfriend of a classmate was raping me-stopping only because I convinced him I had gonorrhea and he would give it to her
363 by a family friend in my bedroom pinned to a wall when he helped us move
364 in my church bathroom by the janitor
365 in my home by a family member who beat me
366 in my home by a family member who sexually abused me
367 in my family home at five years of age when my parents asked why I provoked him after being beat by a sibling, 8 years my senior
368 on a park bench
369 in a trusted family friend’s apartment when I was 3 or 4 years old
370 at school while sitting at a shared table by a male peer at age 5
371 in front of my family’s apartment around age 7
372 in my own bed at age 8 or 9 (some of these memories I’ve worked very hard to block out)
373 Cypress College Cypress, CA
374 in my therapist’s office
375 at school
376 at the library
377 at Alcoholics Anonymous
378 in my childhood bedroom
379 in my current home
380 in a hospital waiting room/area
381 in a car park
382 in the supermarket
383 at the dentist’s
384 at work
385 in summation- everywhere at some time or other!
386 in my car in the movie theater parking lot
387 in a nightclub in Germany where my friend tolerated and encouraged the decision my sexual assaulter executed on me
388 it was at the Eiffel Tower. He wouldn’t let me go. I kept trying to leave. He took my first kiss from me. I was never the same.
389 by a photographer in DC
390 by a student in West VA
391 I was raped by 5 boys at a party in my best friend’s bedroom
392 on a plane close friend who thought I was asleep
393 in the psychiatric unit of the hospital after a suicide attempt when I was 13 the harassment lasted the entirety of my two months there
394 walking home from school
395 at a disco bathroom cubicle
396 at work as a waitress
397 drugged while I was life modeling for an artist at his studio
398 at a funeral reception
399 outside a club in Seattle a very intoxicated guy said “if you think I’m cute you’ll make out with me” and before I could say anything, his tongue was down my throat
400 at my job in the mall
401 almost raped on a playground in my neighbourhood by one of my best friends
402 on the train
403 at the beach
404 on whatsapp
405 in Belgium
406 at the beach by a professor I admired
407 a friend was supposed to show me around the city manipulated and harassed me in my hotel room
408 on holiday when I was 13 years old and wearing a sundress
409 there are so many but I’ll give a few of the first ones
410 15 yrs old while riding on bus w rest of girls’ volleyball team, I-65 in Indianapolis man driving along side of bus masturbating watching our horrified faces. I had never seen a penis it took me so long to figure out what was going on, I was so embarrassed, he saw our male coach then sped off
411 front seat of parent’s friend’s car in my own driveway as he dropped me off from babysitting their children
412 Clark Fork River floating on inner tubes 18 yrs old, noticed naked male masturbating tried to tell my friend calmly as we floated by far too close not to react she started yelling at him he started coming after us down the bank and into the water we had to swim to the other side
413 in my house by my ex
414 on the Queen Mary in Long Beach CA
415 in my classroom by my student
416 in my sister’s bedroom when I was 8
417 sleeping on the floor in my aunt’s house when I was 15 and 21
418 in my apartment while I was sleeping when I was 25
419 a man I once loved threatened to sabotage me, kill me, and get away with it a month after I was sexually assaulted. My rapist and that man have walked away scotch free…while I struggle to make life work with a few revengeful slips
420 gym in high school, Atlanta
421 back office, luxury hotel, San Francisco
422 couch at a teacher’s house, Atlanta
423 work holiday office party – Hartford
424 exploring a cave with a guide – Semuq Champey, Guatemala
425 in the kitchen at my father’s house (followed inside by the aggressor)
426 in the Newborn Nursery in the hospital
427 unbelievably I have been harassed repeatedly I was date raped in college when I was 19
428 twice men have exposed themselves once when I was 21 and the lunch receptionist relief in San Francisco another time was at San Francisco Intl Airport when I was 30 waiting for an incoming flight
429 lastly I was repeatedly harassed by another passenger on a cruise to Norway last year
430 in the home I grew up in during family dinners walking through the living room in my bed etc
431 in Dalston London while out for my part time job dog-walking
432 in Camden London when I didn’t feel like I could leave and he didn’t listen to me saying I didn’t want to
433 in my college dorm (at the time) study room
434 second time was in a bar at a Halloween Party
435 18 mos by after at home Gispic Croatia
436 playground in a ditch when I was 8 yo older neighborhood boys Gospic Croatia
437 front yard family home Bellwood Illinois age 16 my father tried to choke me with a telephone cord for protecting my mother from him
438 in HS by boys nonstop Hilldide Illinois
439 my first job at supermarket Bellwood Illinois father’s friend Angelo who owned the store grabbed me as I was handing in my cash drawer I managed to pull away kicking him money and coins flying all over the place I ran home without a coat in freezing weather my father said I was a liar that Angelo was his friend he beat me that night
440 in Zagreb Croatia 1980-1985 nonstop Art history professor Graphics design Professor held at knife point by a Bosnian student at the dorms in Nov 1982, kidnaped and raped beat up badly Jan 9th 1983 stalked and daily threats through July 1985
441 at Illinois Institute of technology 1985-90 two professors plus male colleagues
442 1987 Berkeley Illinois my father slapped me on the eve of my wedding I told him to please stop pouring drinks for my friends who were already drunk
443 1999 Chicago Illinois my first job after kids were born my boss
444 riding my bike to work I was ass grabbed by a passenger in a moving car lost my balance and nearly fell into oncoming traffic
445 at a wedding party, groped by the host
446 sitting in a dentist’s chair with my dentist’s hands inside my mouth
447 in the basement of a public library, where I worked
448 outside a Walmart, in my yoga pants, leaving with groceries
449 in a tent when I was 15
450 elementary school
451 2 volte a Firenze–18 anni, 1 volta in Campania-48 anni
452 at my “boyfriend’s” (16)
453 at a party (15)
454 by my photographer in Parry Sound (18)
455 by my roommate (19)
456 in my bed at home by my older male cousin. I was 9
457 in my home by a preacher in his 70s. I was 13 or 14
458 at school on the playing fields. One of the boys grabbed my left breast and squeezed it hard on our lunch break
459 at school again walking back to class the same boy ran past me and smacked my arse really heard it left a mark
460 at a party
461 at home through text messages
462 at home
463 at work I’m sick of it
464 school verbally and physically by both boys and girls
465 street by a man who followed me on a bike until I reached home, calling me “bitch”, “slut” etc. he even asked me if I would fuck him if he just paid me
466 subway by an old man who rubbed his dick against my thigh, touching his nipples through his shirt everyone saw this and nobody said a thing
467 bus by a guy who put his hand on my thigh, while he was touching his dick and licking his lips again everybody saw and no one did a thing
468 car of a “friend” he put my hand on his dick and touched my breasts more than once even if I said “no” every single time
469 during a parade a guy smiled at me and then put his hands in my bra when I pushed him away he smiled again blew me a kiss and ran away
470 lift it was a really small one and I was going up with a man and his dog. He kept staring at me all the time and I was embarrassed so I just smiled and faked to read something on my phone when it was my turn to get out he quickly approached me and put his leg between my legs trying to touch my vagina with his knee
471 I was harassed and assaulted in a private study lounge in a college dorm. It happened while I was in the middle of grieving two of my grandparents’ death–he took advantage of that
472 in my bed when I was four
473 in the middle school hallway & classrooms when I was 13, 14, 15
474 in the high school hallway & classrooms when I was 15, 16, 17, 18
475 in my childhood house–living room, kitchen & dinner table when I was 12-18
476 in my bed when I was 16
477 in a tiny town in southern Italy, my 15 year old daughter was standing right next to me
478 in front of my home
479 inside a truck
480 in my bedroom, in my own bed
481 grandparents house, living room
482 side of my house, in yard
483 at my office
484 on the schoolbus on the way to a volleyball tournament. 15 years old. older man
485 not only did I get harassed at school, while attending middle school
486 and high school
487 and at my job
488 at work by coworkers, bosses
489 on the subway
490 walking outside
491 school
491 in my home… the list can go on
492 and this one’s for you, Christine: upstairs bedroom with two drunken liars
493 a doorway. blind date my father set up
494 at night in my cousin’s bedroom when we’d go to my relative’s house in the summer vacations
495 in fifth grade, boys would ask me out and try to get me to go out with them to have sex
496 as a middle school kid, this boy grabbed my vagina and snapped my bra straps on the bus home from a field trip
497 in ninth grade, this older guy who was a junior at my high school and neighbor, grabbed my butt in front of a busload of kids as we were walking home
498 guys at school cat called, whistled, and yelled stuff out to us during passing periods
499 as a teen, an uncle sexually harassed my mother by saying obscene things to her at a party. Friends and family heard this and no one said anything to stop it
500 An uncle once told me he’d like to tie me down in the bedroom in front of people at a party
501 I have been sexually harassed by a student last year who I reported to school officials who did nothing
502 at my former second job, Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel, I was sexually harassed by a male coworker, who has sexually harassed women before and is a known as a dirty old man to coworkers
503 1994 -i was 19, not old enough to drink in America. I was visiting my aunt in Detroit right over a bridge from Windsor, Ontario
504 May 2018 I was pulled over. During the traffic stop (45 in a 30), I was informed I had an unpaid speeding ticket from 2016 & a warrant for my arrest I had never been in any trouble before this day. The cop had his fingers almost in and definitely around my vagina for an excessively long time as I am handcuffed, literally on the side of the road no gloves, no back of his hand
505 at a party
506 first in church when I was 5 years
507 then in my paternal uncles house
508 and then my neighbor when I was ill and he had to take me to the hospital
509 early childhood – in my crib, San Francisco
510 age 6 Vallejo CA
511 age 8 Napa Valley CA
512 age 12 Napa Valley CA
513 age 13 Napa Valley CA
514 age 15 Napa CA
515 age 16 Palo Alto CA
516 age 19 Napa CA
517 age 20 St. Helena CA
518 age 21 Napa Ca
519 age 22 Yountville CA
520 age 25 Houston TX
521 age 25 Annapolis MD
522 age 28 Sun Valley ID
523 age 31 Poipu Kauai
524 age 33 Honolulu, HI
525 age 39 Taos NM
526 age 40 Applegate OR
527 age 50 Cobb CA
528 “Simple” harassment? Too many to remember, too many to count
529 in the museum gift shop before we all went to dinner I was 14
530 on the public bus twice a week for a year he waited and covered my hand on the pole whenever I had to stand I was 11 Same route, same people watching said nothing
531 at school as a 5 yr old boy lifted up my dress because they thought it was funny
532 townsville australia after a hypnotherapy session woke up gagging on his penis I ran out of his office naked and a year later several women from the town came forward to say they were raped by him also I never told anyone about it I was so ashamed I never even told my girlfriend about it I was living with her never told anybody
533 five years old enticed by candy and went to a vacant lot and he had an eight year old witness the rape vagina hurt for months told my mother I got fucked and my mother said don’t say that word ever again
534 first time, 12 yo, in my home basement bathroom. Raped by a classmate at a party I was having
535 I was inappropriately touched by a male family member, when I was 6 or 7 years old. I was on his lap, as he said he wanted to tell me a story. He began touching me under my blouse. It creeped me out and I jumped off his lap and ran away. But, I did not tell anyone until my mid 20s.
536 by a (male) optician doing a routine eye test, in the closed room where eye tests are done
537 Sweden in our summerhouse by an older cousin
538 Nygatan 8 Sweden I was filmed during sex without my notice. The computer screen was beside the bed and the screen wasn’t on. but the webcam was on and I was in a live show without knowing anything about it. The guy? He is a supervisor at a kindergarten now
539 at a job interview
540 at school, in my classroom when I was 12
541 in the passenger seat of the car driven by the father of the children I’d been babysitting
542 child’s volleyball game last night
543 I was raped in a dorm at Ferris State University
544 at a school dance in 7th grade by a group of boys
545 I was raped in my bed when I was in college. I woke up with a man straddling me, gagging me with my own ballet tights and socks. He threatened to slit me open if I made a sound. My male roommate was asleep in the next room.
546 Years later I was at a party and woke up in a bedroom with my pants down, obviously somebody had spiked my drink and raped me
547 I was sexually harassed so many times in my younger days, so many stories
548 I am now 67 and rarely go out of the house diagnosed with lifelong PTSD
549 next to the pavilion
550 Little League field, hometown
551 I was sexually assaulted by the passenger next to me on an airplane whilst I was sleeping. I made a complaint and asked for help from the cabin crew, who failed to report it in their system. So, upon further dealings with the airline, I was told I was essentially ‘making it up’ as there was no record in their system. Breaks my heart.
552 A doctors office in port au prince Haiti. I was a humanitarian worker working there after the earthquake and was seeking treatment for intestinal parasites but the European doctor found it necessary to do a full breast exam despite my protests
553 at work I received an anonymous rape threat
554 in the lap of a neighbor
555 at a party
556 in the stairwell at work
557 I could go on forever…

558 here
559 there
560 and everywhere